Address Provider


The Mainnet Address Provider can be found here: 0xa298d39715AE492e4CAF3Ccb33cBF57abC5238d7


The Address Provider is responsible for managing most of the addresses for the protocol. It stores key addresses such as:

  • Staker Vaults

  • Fee Handlers

  • Actions

  • Vaults

  • Pools

And specific addresses such as the:

  • Treasury

  • Reward Handler

  • Gas Bank

  • Vault Reserve

  • Oracle Provider

  • Pool Factory

  • Controller

  • MERO Locker

  • Fee Burner

  • Role Manager

  • Swapper Router

It is built to be extensible so new addresses can be added with new keys.

The Address Provider is imported and stored in many of the protocol contracts. And used as a source of truth for all the core contracts in the protocol. That way, if a core address needs to be udpated, it can be updated just in the Address Provider, and then will propigate through to the rest of the protocol.